Cyber DefenCe

I will show you how the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of cyber attackers develop; how they enter your organisation’s network and access money or valuable data, or disrupt your core operations. I combine my skills as an Ethical Hacker with those of a Cyber Defence expert. My methods are tailored to your organisation and, therefore, they have a real impact on your Cyber Defences.

I am experienced in:
- Threat Hunting
- Developing custom Cyber Defence tools
- Incident Response
- Forensics Analysis
- Designing attack scenarios on how to access large sums of money or highly confidential data from an organisation

IT Security Consultancy

In recent years I have gained experience in many areas of IT Security. I provide leading advice on a wide variety of topics to help your organisation with its security challenges and questions.

Security Testing

I have performed a great many security tests on a wide variety of environments, for example, web and mobile applications, large IT infrastructures, systems used within the financial industry, applications using custom developed protocols, and more.

For me, Security Testing is not only about identifying the vulnerabilities, it is also about getting the client to understand the actual risk of the vulnerability, knowing how to apply the appropriate fixes and preventing them from happening in the future.